Ceramic Pro Aviation

The guys who make protective coatings for virtually everything on the planet have just upped their game.

After two painstaking years, and with a global pandemic wedged in between, it’s finally official!

Ceramic Pro’s signature coating material, simply called 9H is now the only Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved aviation coating available on the market.

So, while there are many out in the marketplace that claims such an achievement, there is only one company that can legally offer this service to the discerning aviator. Ceramic Pro.

But the question is… WHY?

Why spend money on a full fuselage clean, polish and coating and what is the benefit really?

Well, as Chief Operations Officer of Ceramic Pro South Africa Lein Schutz points out “why wouldn’t you?”

“Savings on fuel and cleaning costs should answer the question emphatically!”

“Ceramic Pro 9H has been tested to Boeing and Airbus standards and they have reported that when the fuselage of a plane is this slick, cleaning cycles are extended by up to 6 months. Wind tunnel tests have shown the super slick coating reduces drag by upwards of 3%.”

“We decided to take this seriously and enlisted the help of Challenge Air, who have walked this road with us every step of the way. It is important to realize that a Ceramic Coating is considered a modification and cannot be undertaken by companies that are not using certified products. The fact that Ceramic Pro 9H passed all seven of the Airbus/Boeing tests speaks volumes for our product and we are very proud of this achievement.”

A coating consists of four layers of Ceramic Pro 9H which has various warranty periods attached to each package.

It seems that the aviation sector has some exciting times ahead…

So, if you are ready to “Get Coated” give the guys at Ceramic Pro a call, 010 025 3829 for more info

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