Signage Protection the solution for extending the life and appearance of any sign

Ceramic Pro is designed as an industrial multi-functional protective coating for all surfaces. For the signage industry, we have created additional formulations with specific characteristics to offer exceptional performance for the material of the substrate. Our products are specifically designed to offer the best adhesion to vinyl and similar polymers as well as metal signs, such as CNC aluminium.

Your Signs Deserve Better Protection

Our products offer a complex composition that creates a permanent, rigid, flexible glass shield ensuring maximum durability and strength. The best way to describe Ceramic Pro for signage, is that it is an additional protective layer, with maximum hardness, UV resistance and self-cleaning properties.

Nobody wants to invest a lot of money into a sign and have it look shabby and weathered in just a few years. The invisible 9H glasslike surface that protects a coated surface offers incredible UV protection. Harmful UV rays is the number one cause of fading on any sign. The second is heat, Ceramic Pro protects against both. A sign coated with Ceramic Pro will resist fading with very evident colour-fastness unachievable any other way. Additionally, the slickness of a coated surface will be a lot easier to clean. This means that maintenance costs and time to remove dust, dirt and bird droppings is greatly reduced.

Signs made of metal, such as aluminium, the coating will protect the substrate against oxidation. This means that Ceramic Pro will not only protect the filled in areas of your sign, but it will also protect the empty areas around it. In our tests we coated signs of various materials. We applied Ceramic Pro to only half of each available substrate and colour. Then we put these coated materials in direct sunlight for 3 months. After the test period, you can clearly see how the coated areas retained their colour and appear much newer. You will immediately realize that protecting the appearance of an investment such as a sign is an absolute no-brainer.


With the added slickness of the coated surface, contaminants such as bird droppings, dirt and even acid rain are less likely to stain a sign, making cleaning the protected areas less labour intensive and less frequent.


The Ceramic Pro coating will help prevent or significantly slow down the etching process from elements such as bird droppings and tree sap. A coated sign has a tough barrier that separates the vinyl, metal, polymer or print from the elements.


The strong UV protection afforded by the coating will increase the longevity of a sign’s appearance by minimizing colour fade, staining and oxidation. This yields a sign that looks better for much longer.


In the coating industry a product’s hardness or ability to resist scratches is determined by the pencil test. Strong has been tested and classified with a hardness above 9H.


Once cured, the coating provides protection from temperatures ranging from -45 to 1,200° Celsius. No other coating on the market provides this level of temperature resilience.


The coating has 100% resistance against damaging contaminants and harsh chemicals. Once cured, the only way to remove the coating is through heavy abrasion. It is extremely durable.


Ceramic Pro Strong protects the surface from UV rays, preventing paint, rubber and plastic from aging. Normally polymers such as these are the first to show signs of UV damage.

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