OWN A FRANCHISE Do you have what it takes to become a successful Franchisee?

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Let's Talk about being your own boss

Do you have what it takes to be your own boss? Are you a self-starter, are you a self-motivated, passionate and disciplined individual? If the answer is yes to the above, then Ceramic Pro is for you? Being your own boss can be very daunting but a fruitful experience. The more driven and passionate you are, the more successful you will be. Being your own boss does not mean shorter days, more holidays and more time on the golf course. Definitely not, in fact you work harder, longer hours because you believe in yourself, you believe in the brand you bought into and most of all, you want to be successful.


Where is Ceramic Pro used?

  • Industrial

  • Aviation

  • Automotive

  • Marine

  • Hospitality

  • Military

  • Mining

What it is like running a franchise

Running a franchise is rewarding, you have bought into a winning team. With buying into a Franchise, you buy into support, into structure, you buy into a tried and trusted model. You determine your successes by the effort you put in. Buying into a Franchise gives you stability, it gives you brand awareness and it gives you a network of continued partners. Being a Franchise means leveraging your existing network of contacts to grow your business and brand as a whole.

What support they will receive from you

Buying a Ceramic Pro will give you access to systems and procedures. You will be part of an international footprint with over 9000 accredited installers worldwide. You will have an international name, with certification and accreditations. We have our own research and development laboratory and own factory. You will have state of the art equipment and the most advanced product in the nano coating industry.

What is the cost?

The average cost of a new franchise starts from R1.4 million determined by the area and size of shop. The payable joining fee is R350 000.00 and both these amounts exclude VAT. You will also need cashflow for at least 3-6 months of trading.

What kind of profits could they enjoy?

Profit margins are discussed when potential candidates are interviewed.

There Is Almost Nothing We Cannot Protect!

With our climate and economic challenges, South Africa is an ideal market for protective products that can reduce maintenance costs and prolong the lifespan of costly equipment and belongings.

Ready to own your own franchise ?

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