ULTIMATE PROTECTION FOR SOLAR PANELS Efficient, maintenance-free, and durable solar panel protection!

Ceramic Pro is used extensively across the renewable energy industry to apply a superior, impenetrable coating to solar panels that prevents deterioration and build-up of grime, making the solar panels more efficient.

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Ceramic solar panel protectant provides comprehensive benefits

Our coatings for solar panels have been independently tested by various solar manufacturers to increase the efficiency of their panels. Ceramic Pro solar panel protectant is used for industrial purposes in heavy-scale solar power projects, as well as residential properties and family homes. The revolutionary nanotechnology integrated into the coating is proven to protect the surface of the solar panel from dirt, contaminants, chemicals, water, and extreme temperatures.


    The coating is durable and can withstand various extreme weather conditions.


    The hydrophobic solar panel coating deflects water, which flows easily from the panel surface and reduces the negative effects of inclement weather, making Ceramic Pro solar panel protectant particularly beneficial for wet climates.


    An anti-reflective layer increases the amount of light transmitted through the surface of the panel and thus increases efficiency.


    Due to the hydrophobic effects of Ceramic Pro solar panel protective coating, a little rain easily removes dust, dirt, grime, bird droppings and other forms of pollution from the surface, preventing the growth of mould and reducing the need for regular cleaning.


    Ceramic Pro solar panel coating is 100% resistant to damaging contaminants and harsh chemicals. Once cured, the only way to remove the coating is through heavy abrasion.

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